Services offered

The number one reason to work with a coach, like me, is that you want to move forward

We often seek out professionals when we need help. Doctors help with the body, psychiatrists or therapists help with the mind. We even hire personal trainers to help us get into physical shape. 

Counselors play an important role ( I have a fantastic one!).  However, sometimes you don’t need a deep dive into your past to get through grief or to figure out your purpose.

Rather, you need someone who will listen and help you talk through specific issues then map out solutions that will move you forward towards living your most joyful and authentic life.

My services are not meant to replace your therapist or doctor but rather can work in tandem. Whether it’s learning to move forward and live with grief, or creating a fulfilling life in the future by living your authentic truth and purpose. 

Getting unstuck is the goal

Private Coaching Sessions – in person or virtual.

  • Cost $50 – One hour coaching session (either in person or virtual).  We will develop a personalized plan and discuss future sessions if needed.

Coaching Package:

4 Sessions – $200 – includes free initial 30 minute session, calls/texts/emails in between sessions, and materials.

Meditation – 1:1 session is $45 for one hour. Session will include a brief discussion about what has led you to explore meditation, I will guide you through the best meditation to help you, and I will send you off with a plan so that you can practice on your own.