How can I help you?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you wish you could say no more often?

Do you struggle setting boundaries at work, with family or friends?

Are you struggling in a particular area of your life (relationship/career/life purpose/spiritual)?

Do you wish you had more balance and peace?

Do you feel that you are a victim of your circumstances rather than the creator of your life?

Do you need help making a decision? Perhaps you’re at a crossroads and you’re trying to figure out your life’s purpose.

Are you struggling with grief – no matter what the cause: loss of a loved one, relationship loss, betrayal?

We will meet (in person or virtually) to discuss what’s going on and then I will develop a plan using tools and skills designed specifically to fit your needs and support your spiritual journey. When you purchase a package of more than one session, I will hold you accountable by checking in with you between meetings.

My certifications include:

The Veda Center:

Certified 200-hr Meditation Teacher 

Transformation Academy:

Certified Professional Life Coach – Credential ID 20664607 

Certified Spiritual Life Coach  – Credential ID 21667646

Certified Life Purpose Coach – Credential ID 21445989