Untitled designEverything in my life has brought me closer to my purpose, which is to help people live an authentic and joyful life. I’ve suffered from loss and grief, but I’ve also healed from that too.

I’m passionate about authenticity and TRUTH. It’s my belief that you will never be able to connect with others on a deep level or experience the love that is possible until you can be honest with, and love, yourself.

I’m a spiritual being.  One who has partnered with my human ego to learn, grow, and ascend into higher levels of consciousness.

I’m an empath which means I’m highly sensitive to the energetic world that surrounds me. I’m not only able to hear what you say but I pick up on subtle changes in your tone, your use of words, your body shifts and facial expressions to hear what you’re not saying. This makes me extremely compassionate and able to understand people on a deep soul level.

I hold the following certifications:

The Veda Center: 200-hr Meditation Teacher

Transformation Academy: Professional

Life Coach – Credential ID 20664607  

Spiritual Life Coach  – Credential ID 21667646

Life Purpose Coach – Credential ID 21445989

Happiness Coach – Credential ID 23935223

Positive Psychology:

Resilience Skills

Applications and Interventions


I’m also a certified Divine Lens Spiritual Intuitive Coach, which allows me to help you identify and understand your soul’s mission. I can help you clarify career direction, heal pain from losses, and live a more meaningful life. We will shift your prospective from a fear-based ego view to a more empowered divine inspired view.

Lastly, I’m a certified in Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness. This powerful technique creates powerful changes by helping you clear patterns of resentment or bitterness, owning your own feelings, and transforming unhealthy situations into a more balanced state.

I’m also a momma to three amazing kids. I work as a volunteer coordinator at a hospice  and I helped a friend start a non-profit (Hope Lives Here) that helps grieving adults. In 2016, I self-published my first novel, In Laguna. I love spending time at the beach, reading all kinds of books, watching a really great movie, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Life Coach BadgeSpiritual Coach BadgeProfessional Coach Badge